About the Rabbinic Advisor and Founder/Director

of Jewish Books for Peace



Rabbi Henry Harris is the Educational DIrector of Aish New York. Prior to receiving Rabbinic ordination, Rabbi Harris studied history at Columbia University, wrote for The Washington Post and taught inner city youth in NY. Rabbi Harris has developed numerous innovative programs at Aish in the area of personal and spiritual growth, leads the Aish NY Shabbat service and directs the Aish NY Jewish Social Action Project. He lives with his wife Tzipora and their children in Manhattan.

Gary Tolchinsky is a graduate of Columbia University School of Law, where he studied mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and subsequently served as Editor of the newsletter of The Rutgers University Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. He has also worked as a fundraising copywriter for Jewish non-profit organizations, spoken on a variety of topics at synagogues on the Upper West Side of New York, and serves on the Advisory Board of the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry.