Jewish Books for Peace programs are chosen to offer inspiring words of Jewish wisdom to a wide range of individuals, whatever their background or education. Some of our past programs are described below, and we are constantly seeking new ways to reach out to others. While many of our initial programs have been designed to reach participants in Aish HaTorah programs, we are now seeking to reach out to other individuals, organizations and synagogues. Take a look at our Synagogues for Peace program or contact us with any ideas of your own!


*Students participating in the one-on-one Jewish learning program at the Aish Center were offered books such as Harmony with Others: Formulas, Stories, Insights and Jewish Matters: A Pocketbook of Knowledge and Inspiration.

*Individuals attending a special Tisha B'Av program were offered: Gossip: Ten Pathways to Eliminate It From Your Life and Transform Your Soul and Kindness: Changing People's Lives for the Better.

*Participants in the acclaimed Aish HaTorah Discovery program were offered copies of: Life Is A Test: How To Meet Life's Challenges Successfully.

*Those attending the first annual Aish New York Center Dinner in 2008 were provided with copies of: Happiness: Formulas, Stories and Insights and Jewish Matters: A Pocketbook of Knowledge and Inspiration.

*Those training for a special adult bar-mitzvah and bat-mizvah program were offered a copy of: What The Angel Taught You: Seven Keys to Life Fulfillment.

*To help celebrate Chanukah, individuals were offered copies of Inspiring Lights.

*Lincoln Square Synagogue's Main service and Beginner's Service offered copies of:Gossip: Ten Pathway to Eliminate It From Your Life and Transform Your Soul as part of a National Lahson Hora Awareness Day program.


The Synagogues for Peace program provides an exciting way to touch your members with powerful ideas that will help enrich and unify your community. This same program can be utilized by other Jewish organizations seeking the same goal.

Here's how it works:

1) Your Synagogue chooses one of our current "Jewish Books for Peace" or joins with us to select another appropriate book to use.

2) One or more members is offered the opportunity to sponsor distribution of copies of the book. The number of books available will depend on the funds raised. However, a program to be started at your synagogue even if just one person participates.

3) One or more members who read the book are invited to share their insights and reflections about the book to the rest of the synagogue. Forums could include a special program during the week, a presentation during a Shabbat service or meal, or a class focusing in greater depth on the ideas presented in the book. In addition, a review of the book could appear in the synagogue newsletter or e-mail list. In this way, the impact of the the book is leveraged throughout the synagogue membership.