Words of Peace


18 Affirmations for Pursuing Peace

"Be a student of Aaron. Love peace and pursue peace"-Hillel

1) I place a great value on creating peaceful relationships and am willing to invest the time and effort to help actualize this goal in my life.

2) I believe that creating peace in my relationships with others can have a positive impact in protecting the Jewish people and bringing about peace in Israel and in the world.

3) I accept responsibility for my words and actions which can help to create peace or divisiveness.

4) I respect the Divine soul of each person I encounter, even if I disagree with him or her.

5) I avoid using words which can cause unnecessary pain to any individual, even if I disagree with him or her.

6) I accept that G-D gives me what I need to grow spiritually, including difficult people. This awareness does not absolve others from responsibility for their words and actions. However, it does allow me to become a better person.

7) I recognize the destructive power of anger and work to minimize its impact in my interactions with others.

8) I trust that G-D is the ultimate Authority in resolving disputes, and I do not need to compromise my values or harm others to obtain an outcome.

9) I examine my motives when disagreeing with another, and am willing to receive guidance to see beyond my own bias and self interest.

10) I accept that most people are doing the best they can given their level of awareness and other limitations, and seek to give them the benefit of the doubt.

11) I forgive others for the pain they cause me if they sincerely regret their actions or where holding onto a resentment is harmful to my own spiritual path.

12) I acknowledge that my job is to make the effort to create peace, but the results are not in my power to control.

13) I can strive to understand another's point of view and communicate that understanding to the person to whom I'm speaking, without necessarily agreeing with this perspective.

14) I can promote peace by taking care of myself and becoming a happier and more fulfilled person, reducing the likelihood of responding from a place of sadness, anger or low self worth.

15) I can detatch from people and situations which create conflict or put me at risk, and take appropriate action to protect myself.

16) I can work toward creating an outcome which benefits all parties in a dispute and seeking "win-win" solutions.

17) I can pray to G-D for the clarity and strength needed to create peace in my own life, family and community.

18) I can unconditionally commit to the above principles with an awarenes that G-D can help me to achieve them.